Maximo Enterprise Asset Management

From Inventory Management, Asset Tracking, Preventative Maintenance to Routine Maintenance, and Investment Advisory. Our next-generation EAM platform can help you get insights, optimize asset performance management and drive business excellence.

Benefits of Enterprise Asset Management

Gain visibility & control over critical assets

Manage Inventory & Purchasing processes

Track Warranty & Calibration details

Integrate IT system using Integration Framework

Manage Preventive, Corrective & Reactive

Maximo addresses regulatory and industry-specific needs with ready-made Industry Solutions serving :



Oil & Gas

Life Sciences

Service Provider / Facility Management

EAM360 Mobile App for Maximo

Enterprise Asset Management Software
  • Reduce unplanned downtime and improve asset reliability
  • Optimize asset performance and extension of life
  • Increase workforce productivity and prioritize maintenance based on criticality
  • Improve regulatory compliance

Why Sedin for Vendor Invoice Management Solutions?

We take an innovation-led approach to consistently deliver our clients exceptional service. Our experts identify and anticipate game-changing business trends to invent, develop, and deliver disruptive innovations for you.

Want to reduce your asset’s unplanned downtime and improve its reliability?