Complete Telematics Solutions

Innovative end-to-end vehicle telematics solutions to help your business in real-time

What is Telematics ?

Telematics is the convergence of TELEcommunications and InforMATICS to provide a communication technology for the automotive industry. By facilitating flow of information between vehicles and in-house management, telematics enhances drivers’ experience, riders’ experience, security, productivity and predictability of the entire fleet management system. Telematics today relies on the smart use of GPS and Internet of Things to not just track vehicles, but completely transform the way enterprises manage logistics.

Fleet Telematics and GPS

Telematics has completely revolutionised the way organisations manage the movement of personnel and property for daily business activities. By giving each component of the supply chain system a digital voice and identity, fleet managers are able to track movement, provide support and rectify issues in real-time. Fleet telematics also enables managers to get their hands on key data, apply analytics and use it to plan delivery and maintenance schedules, thus setting client expectations and enhancing the quality of service they deliver.

Our Suite of Telematics Solutions

Vehicle Tracking Applications

Vehicle Tracking Applications provide you that flawless Uber-like experience for employee cabs, ambulances, trucks and anything that moves. Greater knowledge sharing in real-time to facilitate micro management.

Routing algorithms

Routing algorithms designed to handle dynamic schedules and last minute changes for transportation of personnel and property. An agile feature that lets you adapt smartly to unpredictable schedules and unexpected challenges.

Smart logistics solutions

Smart logistics solutions for secure, optimised transportation management with integrated demand forecasting, distribution planning and real time event tracking capabilities. GPS and IoT enabled logistics to improve accountability, productivity and efficiency within the organisation.

Why Should Companies Invest in Telematics?

Enterprises that rely heavily on logistics such as hospitals, ecommerce retailers, OEMs, etc. can fall into the trap of inefficiency and unaccountability if their fleets are not equipped with state-of-the-art telematics solutions. Telematics optimises traffic flow; improves management of fleet, behaviour, security and safety of drivers; tracks fuel consumption and vehicle maintenance needs, helps deal with unexpected changes; and provides important insights to shape future logistics strategies. However, logistics companies are not the only ones benefitting from it. Service providers and software companies who require their human resources to commute frequently using company cabs can provide their employees a tailor made, pick-and-drop Uber-like experience.

Areas we focus


Ambulance Tracking

Track the GPS location of ambulances on the map and book one just like you would book a cab. The interlinking of all ambulances on one system and availability of real-time geolocation can save those precious minutes and thousands of lives. Routing algorithms help the ambulance navigate through the fastest route.


Truck Tracking

Spot where and how your fleet is moving on the road. Track objective and subjective metrics such as vehicular speed, fuel consumption and driver behaviour, and be proactive in dealing with unexpected challenges. Routing algorithms and intelligent logistics capabilities allow management to provide back-up/support and minimise time and cost overruns.


Employee Transportation

Integrate all your enterprise cabs onto a single application, enable GPS tracking and provide an Uber-like experience to employees on the move.

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