cloud infrastructure services

Cloud Infrastructure Services

Next-generation multi-cloud platform to help you secure, optimize and accelerate your
cloud migration journey

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Whether you’re looking for database storage, computing power, content delivery, or other functionality, you know you can’t rely on legacy systems and applications anymore. Sedinhas the services to help you build sophisticated applications with increased flexibility, scalability and reliability.

Our Offerings



You need a sound strategy to transform your whiteboard concepts into reality and our cloud consulting offerings do just that. Sit back and relax as our experts do a complete operations and financial assessment for you and build a reference PoC.



Your application performance, integration and flexible delivery model needs are sorted with our cloud engineering offerings. We leverage the cloud and help you maximize your business’ RoI, flexibility, security, and scalability.



Our cloud automation offerings will keep all your DevOps and SysOps worries at bay. We do all the hard work like continuous integration, configuration management, containerization, and custom automation, so your business becomes more agile.

Managed Services

Managed Services

We take care of all your mundane responsibilities, so you can focus on what matters the most for your business – innovation. Offload the daily management and administration of your IT security to a trusted partner and take your business to new heights.

Cloud migration

Cloud migration

All your business transformations – right from planning and assessments to migration of workloads – are seamless with our scalable and flexible cloud migration offerings. We can help you identify the potential migration challenges and risks, do a capacity assessment, and weigh potential outcomes.

Areas of Focus

Dedicated Data Center Services

You can have the privacy of your own cloud in a customized environment. We offer private clouds hosted and managed for each client. Each cloud will provide you an enterprise‑class functionality designed to meet a range of customer requirements.

Virtual Data Center Services

Our virtual data center services offer you multi-tiered infrastructure profiles. These profiles will help you to securely host your applications with cost and efficiency benefits for your clients in a multi‑tenant cloud environment.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Services

We offer fully operational and 24/7 supported virtual desktops. You will also get an end‑user help desk service option with our virtual desktop infrastructure services.

Benefits of Cloud Infrastructure Services

Cloud infrastructure services offer various benefits for you over the legacy infrastructural systems.


It allows you to access all the features and files of the system without keepinga bulk of it on your computers, saving you loads of space as well as headaches.

Cloud computing offers substantial cost savings in the long run as easy access to data saves time and money. Plus, you can always pay only for the features and services you want.

Cloud offers you more flexibility in terms of IT hosting and infrastructure. If you need an extra bandwidth, a cloud-based service can meet it instantly, rather than you pay for a complex and expensive update to your IT infrastructure.

Cloud enables you to have a solid disaster recovery plan. Cloud-based services provide quick data recovery for all kinds of emergency scenarios from natural disasters to power outages.

Why Sedin for Cloud Infrastructure Services?

At Sedin, a team of experts with rigorous technical knowledge and profound passion for customer satisfaction pour their skills into creating that smart, customized content management system which fulfills your business needs and sets the stage for future growth. Contact us today to get a consult.

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Client Success Stories – Case Study

A powerful, flexible and secure platform built by using RoR helped our client to scale up their infrastructure to meet the growing demand in the usage of the product. 

Want to spend less time maintaining your infrastructure, end-to-end monitoring, increased security measures for your application? Our Cloud experts are here to help you.

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